Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce and eliminate health inequities and disparities in treatment which create barriers for patients, preventing them from obtaining the treatment most appropriate for their individual health care needs.


Through education, promoting public and professional awareness our goal is to empower patients and Medical Professionals, to eliminate discrimination in health care and help ensure all patients achieve health equity.

Polysubstance Use & Tainted Supply on the Black Market are Driving the Overdose Crisis

NEPO Task Force Poised to Increase Overdose Crisis

Just two days after the US Supreme Court released a 9-0 opinion favoring physicians exercising their clinical judgement when prescribing medication to patients under the Controlled Substance Act, the Justice Department announced the formation of a new strike force targeting medical professionals prescribing and dispensing controlled substances.

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Medical Roulette Wheel

Patients Forced to Play Medical Roulette

For patients with rare disease, complex chronic illnesses and disabilities navigating the health care system has become a fight for survival. Patients experience systemic disability discrimination and bias when attempting to obtain or retain access to treatments and medications vital to managing their health.

Due to interference with the practice of medicine patients are being forced to play a game of medical roulette.

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doctors walking away

Discrimination As A Standard Practice

Many people believe that Opioid Sparing is becoming the standard practice in medicine. They are sadly mistaken. Instead, the standard practice is now to discriminate against patients with disabilities with severe pain as a component. Many facilities have instituted No-Opioid Policies.

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medical exam blood pressure reading

A Letter to Health Care Providers

Too often I hear of instances of times when patients attend an appointment with a healthcare provider and attempt to discuss an issue with them and come out feeling worse than the did when they went in. It’s sad, truly disappointing. In some cases when the patient has a rare medical condition like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) the medical

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